Education & Research Department


The Department is dedicated to environmental education for all age groups, university education and scientific research in the area of marine ecology, aquaculture and fishery.

The adjacent rocky coast presents an ideal training ground for environmental education and provides many possibilities for scientific research. The littoral shows a characteristic zonation of marine macroalgae, barnacles and limpets, mussels, sand coral reefs, and colonies of kelp.


Information leaflets about the conservation and protection of sea turtles and local sand coral reefs are distributed among ELA´s visitors. 
At the Station, the common sea turtle (Caretta caretta) has been received regularly and released after recuperation in captivity. Individuals have been marked properly.
The reefs, constructed by the honeycomb worm (Sabellaria alveolata), are of great ecological importance, providing substrate and habitats for colonisation, spawning, sources of food, and shelter for fish and other marine organisms (more than 140 species).

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