Over the last 5 years, student finalists of different university courses have been working in the Station on the following topics:


  • succession of the rocky intertidal fauna;
  • abundance of goose-barnacle larvae;
  • maintenance of marine turtles in captivity;
  • intertidal populations of sea-urchins;
  • marine aquariums in semi-closed systems;
  • ecological impact of Aguda's breakwater;
  • cultivation of the European lobster Homarus gammarus;
  • geomorfological aspects of Vila Nova de Gaia's coast;
  • intertidal fauna and flora of Vila Nova de Gaia's coast;
  • chemical analyses of sea water;
  • biological recolonization of tidepools after partial destruction owing to sand accumulations;
  • inventory of sites of geological interest.
  • Efects of sand accumulation in tide pools of Aguda's beach. «ICBAS»
  • Maintainance of saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Catholic University of Porto «UCP»
  • Maintainance of saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Superior Agrarian School of Viseu.
  • Comparison of sampling methods for the intertidal zone. ICBAS.
  • Assessment of the effect of the nature of the substrate in intertidal communities. ICBAS
  • Maintainance of the exibhition aquariums of the Littoral Station of Aguda. ICBAS.