A wide range of pedagogical programs and services is now available at the Station.:


Ensino Pré-Escolar

(3 – 5 anos)

1º Ciclo

(6 – 10 anos)

2º Ciclo

(11 – 12 anos)

3º Ciclo

(13 – 14 anos)

Ensino Secundário

(15 – 18 anos)

Contos do Mar

Turma do Mar

Uma Noite


Fundo do Mar

Educação Ambiental no Litoral

Educação Ambiental no Litoral

Turma do Mar

Uma Noite


Fundo do Mar

Educação Ambiental



Trilho de Interpretação da Natureza

Litoral em



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«Marine Fairyales» 

About sea creatures and their environment are narrated for children (age 3-5) in order to create an ecological consciousness (1 hour).

Sea Classes»

Are held for children age (6-12) in order to call their attention to marine biology and oceanography (1-2 hours).

«A Night at the Bottom of the Sea»

Children (age 6-12) stay overnight in the Aquarium and "dive" into some of the aquariums with a special underwater video camera for the observation of nocturnal species (12 hours).

«Environmental Education in the Littoral»

Established in 1997 for students of secondary schools (age +10), associations, and the general public, the program gives information on:

  • intertidal fauna, flora, and dunes;
  • marine ecological field work;
  • local small-scale fishery;
  • problems of the littoral.

«Nature Interpretation Walks»

This program for secondary schools (age +12) and the general public consists of a 3 km walk on the beach between Miramar and Granja, during which the fauna and flora, the dunes and the recuperation and conservation of the creeks are discussed. Visits to Environmental Creek Center «CEAR», Aguda's Dune Park and «ELA» are included (2.5 hours).

«The Changing Littoral»

This program for older students (age +16) gives information on the geomorphology of the littoral, global warming and climate changes, caostal erosion, the rise of the sea level and the mitigation measures. It consists of a theoretical part indoors and a pratical part outdoors, where the participants can observe directly the concepts and the processes (3 hours).

«Guided Tours» 

To the Fishery Museum and the Aquarium are organised for schools and groups of interested persons (0.5-1.5 hours).

«Alive Science in Summer»

Lessons about intertidal life are held for the general public on the beach, followed by a guided visit to the Fishery Museum and Aquarium (3-4 hours).

University level / graduates «Aquatic Ecology» and «Fishery Technology»
According to the protocol of collaboration celebrated between the Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia and the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar «ICBAS» of the University of Porto, about the Littoral Station of Aguda, lessons of Aquatic Ecology (2nd year) and Fishery Technology (3rd year) are delivered as part of the Course of Aquatic Environmental Sciences (50 and 35 hours).

University level / post-graduates «Introduction to Marine Biology and Ecology»
According to the same protocol, lessons about the Introduction to Marine Biology and Ecology are delivered as part of the Master of Science Course in Sea Sciences – Marine Resources, specialization in Marine Biology and Ecology, of «ICBAS» (50 hours).


University level / post-graduates «Ornamental Fish Production»

Again based on the refered protocol, lessons about the Production of Ornamental Fishes are delivered as part of the Master of Science Course in Sea Sciences – Marine Resources, of «ICBAS» (50 hours).


For reservation please call 227536360 or fax 227535155.