The Aquarium is dedicated to the local aquatic fauna and flora, particularly to the fish of commercial interest to Aguda's small-scale fishery including common invertebrates and macroalgae.


Almost 60 species and more than 1000 specimens, representing the characteristic biotopes of Aguda´s beach inhabit the fiveteen aquarium tanks, with volumes between 1200 and 6700 litres.


The first displays are concerned with the life of the intertidal zone, then entering the sublittoral, and descending down to three metres of depth into a typical kelp habitat.


With increasing depth and diving through the characteristic rocky zone of Aguda's sea, the exhibits finally reach a sandbank in twenty-five metres, where an artificial reef is located, giving shelter to bigger species of fish.


Ascending in steps of five meters, the displays return to the land and end in a small freshwater creek crossing the dunes.


The fishes and marine invertebrates for the Aquarium are captured with suitable techniques, in collaboration with the fishermen of Aguda. After two weeks of quarantine, animals are introduced into the display tanks, according to ecological and ethological criteria.

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