Other Activities

Temporary exhibits of aquarium photography, paintings, and press articles about the history of the ELA project, as well as of scientific posters and local craftsmanship considerably increased the participation of the public since opening of the Station in 1999.


Public interest was also met with the publication and presentations of books, written by ELA´s crew. A principle guide in this endeavour were the entry statistics, which revealed that 60 % of visitors were children, 20 % were adults, 10 % university students and 10 % others.  Coupled with the overall gab in Portuguese popular scientific books, this let to a series of publications for nearly all age groups.


ELA premises also have served for diverse official receptions, realized with the help of the cafeteria which is integrated in the building, for institutions such as the Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia CMG, Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar ICBAS, and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.


ELA also installed several aquaria and aqua-terrariums exhibiting the local aquatic fauna and flora in the Centre of Environmental Education of Creeks of Gaia CEAR, in Miramar, a small village nearby, which was created and is directed by the municipal firm “Águas de Gaia”, EM. SA..


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