Fishery Museum

 The Fishery Museum exhibits the equipment and the traditional arts of the local small-scale fishery. Demonstrating the techniques of our ancestors, the exposed items are even more significant when compared with fishing equipment and utensils of other countries and various periods. All over the world, even in the most isolated places, the necessity of providing food, inspired mankind to invent and construct similar devices and skills for fishing. These similarities are evident in a collection of unique and valuable items, gathered in five continents over the past 30 years: 

  • hooks, lures and other artificial baits, made of wood, bone, turtle-shell and bone, mother-of-pearl, horn, ivory, whale bone and even human bone, iron, steel, copper, bronze, brass, silver and gold;

  • fishing spears, arrows and harpoons for capturing octopus, eel, conger eel, lamprey, carp, swordfish, halibut, shark, sperm whale and seal;

  • fishing traps, fyke-nets, baskets, pots, dip nets and other nets for the capture of crustaceans, molluscs and all kinds of fish;

  • rods and poles, reels and other antique sports fishing equipment, fishing boat models, fishing figures, shells, corals and maritime curiosities.


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